TEBI Explores Self-Healing & Human Connections In New EP ‘A Sense Of Peace’

A raw, emotional composition

Photo: Callum Mills

TEBI, the solo project of Rak-Su’s Asheley, invites us into a journey of self-healing and connecting with others in his EP A Sense of Peace. This 6-track record is a canvass that has been filled and polished with hues of afrobeat and R&B where TEBI illustrates the raw core of personal growth and relationships. Enjoy:

According to Ashley, his solo project was born out of two reasons:

“1. I spend a lot of time speaking with our fans & just people in general online when they’re struggling with mental health issues or life in general. I’ve realised through these conversations that music speaks about these emotions in a raw way – meaning it can help people deal with theirs and understand that they’re not alone. Therefore I wanted to write songs that include the advice or support I’d give someone in a conversation, whilst personally healing at the same time.

2. Writing about snapshots of emotions with complete openness. We all experience similar emotions to each other and I think the gift of music is to deliver what you’re feeling in such a way that others hear it & immediately understand their own emotions better – or to find comfort, happiness, joy in the memories they have. I guess having been on a major pop label & previously chasing the charts, I now just want to connect with peoples hearts and talk about what’s real.”