Theodor Black’s “Had Enough” Nails Our Mood. Every Day.


Photo: Nicole Barbosa

If you’ve been waking up with that ugh feeling or crying in the shower (that is, if you’re still showering), then Theodor Black’s “Had Enough” speaks to your soul. It’s a smoky, poetic piece where Theodor chants about our own internal fears, being stuck in the present, and finding a way out of that funk. Produced by Dwyer, “Had Enough” gives you smooth, mild dose of moodiness that is bittersweet:

“’Had Enough’ is about moving on and allowing your favourite moments to become memories…everything has to come to an end, or else those special moments become less precious. I definitely have a lot of fears about the future and I tend to find myself stuck in the past sometimes, but you can’t spend all your time standing around and worrying about things you can’t control,” shared Theodor. “’Had Enough’ is the soundtrack to help you move on and be less afraid of not knowing what lays behind the doors of the future.”

“Had Enough” is out now via DMY Recordings.