Tycho Jones’ “Don’t Be Afraid” Is A Realistically Optimistic View Of Anxiety


Photo: PR courtesy

For some of us, this whole quarantine has been an existential prison sentence where we’ve been bombarded by anxiety within ourselves and from the news. London artist Tycho Jones addresses that emotional rollercoaster in his new single “Don’t Be Afraid” where he acknowledges the burden but also the need to keep his hopes up during turbulent times. It’s a piece that serves as a defense mechanism against breakdowns by reminding us that there is light at the end of the tunnel:

On his new single, Tycho shared: “‘Don’t Be Afraid’ was a song I wrote while going through a deep patch of anxiety whilst in New Zealand. After three intense days of isolation and panic attacks, it just poured out of me. Most of the song was a freestyle that was my unconscious trying to encourage myself to focus on reality and get out of my head.”

Be on the lookout for more drops from Tycho this year.