Dagny Shares New Shimmering Video “Somebody”

From her upcoming debut album

Photo: PR courtesy

Norwegian poptress Dagny has shared her latest video “Somebody” where she takes us on a stroll while dancing. The song is a lush, bubbly single where the lyrics walk us through the high feeling of being infatuated with someone. Watch below:

In her own words, “It’s the all-consuming and exciting feeling when everything is still new. I’ve been lucky to experience it. I find that when I’m in love I feel everything ten times more than usual. With ‘Somebody’ for me it’s not just the lyrics but the whole vibe of the song that represents that: when I listen to it I get a lot of positive energy and I just wanna throw myself into something new and exciting.”

“Somebody” is from her upcoming debut album, which will be split into two parts. The first part Side A will arrive on May 22nd whereas the entire album will be released in September.