Alex Porat Is All Of Us When We See Our Ex On Social Media In “happy for you”

Happy in quotations

Image: PR courtesy

Toronto artist Alex Porat captures our reactions when we see our brand new ex living the perfect Instagrammable life in our feeds in her new video “happy for you.” Built on chest-swelling synths and deceitfully romantic atmosphere, “happy for you” is a semi-sarcastic and discreetly heartbreaking track that wrestles with the I’m-okay masquerade we put on post-breakup. Directed by Iris Kim, the video features Alex in a dreamy shoot where she scrolls through her ex feed during her breaks:

On her video, Alex shared: “It represents the role social media plays in the aftermath of a relationship. You’re so distracted and jealous of what’s showing up on your timeline that you don’t realize that you’re surrounded by an equally great situation. At the end of the day, it just shows how blinding your emotions can be.”