Chris Wills’ “Pyro” Is Nightmare Reunion Disguised As Lucid Dream

Spring décor goals

Photo: PR courtesy

LA artist Chris Wills takes us into the nightmarish world of perfect spring décor and socializing in new video “Pyro.” Directed by Liz Nistico, “Pyro” captures Chris’ creative vision and delirium as he encounters his girlfriend, girlfriend’s parents, and ex-girlfriend while suspending us into this weird mental state of impending doom. Oh yes:

Speaking of the video, Chris shared: “I had a fever and my neighbors wouldn’t stop blasting pop music from the early 00’s at 3am. I asked them to lower the music like a grandpa but to quote Michael Scott quoting Rodney Dangerfield, ‘I don’t get no respect around here.’ So I tried to go to bed but the fever was making me delirious and when I closed my eyes I started to see all these images. I told these ideas to the director Liz Nistico and she went to town on them! The video feels so quirky, charming, humorous, and playful but also has a bit of danger, sexiness and this dreamy quality I find really beautiful.”