Witness The Cowboy, The Prostitute, and The Shaman With MC Salum’s “Felina”

An unconventional love story

Photo: PR courtesy

Scottish hip-hop artist MC Salum tells us a peculiar romantic story in new single “Felina,” a playful hooky track where MC channels his own sass and imagination. On his track, he shared: “a gallus cowboy longs for his old flame, and finds out she is stuck working as a prostitute for a crime syndicate. In order to free her, he trades his soul to a shaman for eternal power. Felina is about the aftermath.” The track features guest vocalist Katie Lynch (stmartiins) along with the smooth production by Liam James that lets MC capture the magical chemistry among three unexpected characters:

Mike Vincent Colville is the mastermind behind MC Salum who has been making music under that moniker since 2018.