Andrew Reed’s Record ‘As A Bird Of The Air…’ Is A Dive Into Existential Dilemma


Photo: PR courtesy

In an era saturated with social media, Andrew Reed invites us to take a break and become fully entuned with nature in his record As A Bird Of The Air… The album was born out of Andrew’s isolation in his cabin in 2019 and addresses the hefty – often dark – sides of human condition. As we spend our days in quarantine, this record offers solace and rediscovery of our own humanity that help us navigate through these weird times.

Andrew takes off with the title track “As A Bird Of The Air…” a mellow, stretchy anthem filled with glimmering strings. “Sometimes I think I’m wasting my life for a dream” he chants. From the beginning, Andrew idealizes freedom and uses flight imageries to capture the sensation. In “Strangers,” he incorporates elements of Americana and folk into the soundscape, yielding an upbeat tone. “Escape” has a slight pinch of 80s pop peppered on its rock core where Andrew celebrates “my escape from the world.”

In “Twisted World,” Andrew delivers a cheery moodiness where he reflects on our individual relationship with world that is filled with ambiguity. “Too Little Too Late” settles on a more chill tempo where heartbreak is nestled. The same heartaching tone is found in “Talk To Me” where he pines for a love that has become distant. He takes us back to the embrace of freedom in “Dropping Out Of The Race” where he fulfills our escapist fantasies to break away from the breakneck monotony of life. The following piece “Memory” is a slow-burning waltz filled with nostalgia.

Perhaps the most summerish moment of the record in “Take My Hand (By The Sea)” a sun-kissed piece where Andrew boxes us into an intimate moment. The starry-eyed tone continues on in “I Need Her Love,” a song that feels like it could be the soundtrack of an 80s romcom. He tones down to a moodier soundscape in “Musical Woman,” where he welcomes the presence of his love interest. Lyrically, the song seems to describe a new lover but ‘Musical Woman’ in this context could also symbolize creative flow that can hit during isolation.

“Another Time Another Place” is a farewell to a lover whom he promises “we were meant to be together” but not right at this moment. It’s a bittersweet love song that reassesses how certain parts of our lives are out of our control due circumstances. Andrew finishes the track with one final flight in “As A Bird Of The Air…(Reprise),” where he circles us back to the metaphorical notion of rising above from all the things that hold us down.

As A Bird Of The Air… was released on April 17th via Artists International. All instruments on the record were played by Andrew Reed, except drums (Wayne Redden).