Head Fake Brings Back The. Sprit Of 80s Dance Pop In ‘EP2’

Party in two different eras

Photo: PR courtesy

Head Fake, the mysterious collaborative project of three seasoned performers and producers, is bringing the dance sprit of 80s pop into contemporary soundscape with their latest 5-track record EP2. The tracks are built on both progressive and vintage elements that makes it perfect to indulge in nostalgia on the dancefloor.

“And come tomorrow you can tell me how the world went wrong” chants Head Fake in the opener “Cigarette.” The band may not have had the current pandemic in mind while writing the lyrics, but the tone and chorus of the song couldn’t be more befitting to our present world. It’s an upbeat bittersweet introduction that they further build in “Song for Daughters.” Built on midtempo, the track is characterized by steady drumkicks and handclapping riffs that captures the parental love – pure and deep, but often moody at times.

In “I’m Found,” the band fuses the edginess of Spaghetti West and contemporary pop to create a hybridized version of country pop. The video illustrates the different forms of romanticisms found in the desert – whether that is the life of a cowboy or lovers in the middle of nowhere.

From the vast desert lands, the trio takes us to the busy metropolis “2 A.M.,” a guitar-powered pop piece that breezes through your system. “It’s 2am and you’re broke in New York City” chants Head Fake. The track captures the loneliness and long nights that we often experience in a crowded city where we often seek comfort within ourselves. The last track “Overjoyed” illustrates a perfect day where the stomping synths and multi-layered choruses remind us of that rare joy when everything seems to go our way – something we’ve been missing in our new normal.

EP2 was released on February 28th via Neurodisc/Global Heist Recordings and it is the second EP from the trio.