Moscow Apartment Address The Growing Pains Of Friendships In “Halfway”

Indie pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto-based duo Moscow Apartment, aka besties Pascale and Brighid, share the turbulent side of long-term friendships in new single “Halfway.” A slick indie pop piece, “Halfway” moves with a smooth flair that offers the perfect melody to make peace with anyone you’ve been struggling to get along. Shit happens in life and “Halfway” is a reminder to not let those low moments define your relationships in the long run:

Speaking of the single, the duo shared: “One day we had a big fight and Pascale wrote the beginning of our new single, “Halfway,” as a way to ask Brighid for forgiveness. Brighid wrote the second verse and worked on the chorus, giving birth to this song. We produced “Halfway” with Guillermo Subauste (mixed by Scotty Hard) and approached its recording in an experimental and relaxed mood.”

“Halfway” is from their upcoming EP Better Daughter, which they’ll be sharing more details soon.