BIIANCO Shares Her Daily Quarantine Routine In “Life As We Know It Now”

And it involves lots of dancing

Photo: PR courtesy

From the safe confined walls of our homes, some of us are experiencing quarantine life crisis. Symptoms are loneliness, snack binging, over-Netflixing, dancing, and wearing all your closet – yes, including that piece you bought three years for that one party. You meant to dry clean it, but life happened. BIIANCO pretty much captures all those weird activities we engage in while being forced to be antisocial in her new video “Life As We Know It Now.” From mundane tasks to dreamy solo waltz, BIIANCO shares her own comfort and pain:

On her new video, BIIANCO shared: “I really wanted to capture the banal heartbreak that has sort of snuck up on me during this isolation.  Human beings are not meant to be alone for this long. I ended up leaving my phone running recording time-lapse videos of my quarantine day-to-day activities so there are a lot of really raw moments that I captured when my loneliness overwhelmed me.”