Watch Travalley Suffer In “Dear Babe”

Don’t try this at home

Photo: PR courtesy

Travalley scratches our schadenfreude itch with new video “Dear Babe,” where we see the duo Levi and Sam Mellington overdose chilies. There are tears, milks, regrets, and redness in the video that we love to feast on visually. Lyrically, the track is about Levi’s C+ ability to flirt, which often leads to tragic outcomes. Either way, enjoy the pain:

“I always manage to say the wrong thing or give too much away too early which tends to end up in the ‘what if I said this’ situation happening over and over again and then repeating the process with the same results,” Levi explained. “About a year ago, I finally stuck to my guns and held back from blurting out everything about myself to a girl, I was so impressed with myself that I decided to write a song about all my past experiences, and now here we are! We just hope people really enjoy the song and get a laugh out of the film clip.”

“Dear Babe” was filmed and edited by Gareth Harrison whereas the idea for the video was largely inspired by DZ Deathrays’ The mess Up film clip where the guys drank as much alcohol as they could during the duration of the song. But instead of booze, the Aussie siblings decided on chilies…a gloriously horrible idea.