Westerman Taps Into The Changing Nature Of Our Morals In “The Line”


Photo: Bex Day

Westerman breaks down the changing nature of our moral perceptions in new single “The Line,” a smoothly rolling electropop groove that pulls us into the intimate corners of our headspace. Within the moral haziness, there is a message of compassion that Westerman delivers through the soothing harmony. Enjoy:

On his new single, he shared: “I was thinking about moral relativism when I wrote this. The ever-shifting parameters of what is and isn’t acceptable. This applies to many things – gender, human rights, parenting, politics. I don’t believe that this means there’s no right and wrong, but normative values are constantly in flux – hopefully as we continue to be more compassionate.”

“The Line” is from his upcoming debut album Your Hero Is Not Dead, which will be out on June 5th.