Charli Adams’ “Superpowers” Is For All Of Us Who Want To Teletransport Someplace Cooler

Indie pop

Photo: Jasmine Archie

Nashville-based artist Charli Adams speaks to our growing wanderlust and longing for loved ones in her new single “Superpowers,” a broodily buoyant single that reflects on the supernatural ability of teletransportation and the value of human connection in our social distancing era. Blending the simplicity of indie pop and edginess of alternative rock, “Superpowers” delivers a raw bittersweet vibe that seems to sum up our current mood:

On her new single, Charli shared:

“The first song I wrote in quarantine was ‘Superpowers.’ I felt far away from the people that I love and I remembered a conversation I had with a guy I wished I could see. The last time I saw him, we were debating what superpower was superior and concurred that it was definitely transportation. He and I had always felt like we could save our connection for another time, and that one day we would realise we were ‘the ones that got away.’ The second verse is about realising I had taken that for granted. There’s never been a time that I wished for that superpower more than I did in that moment.”

Stay safe and be on the lookout for more news from Charli this year.