Dayglow Fights Aliens In “Run The World!!!”

A step closer to his world domination

Still from Dayglow – Run the World!!! (Official Video)

Usually when boredom meets quarantine, it’s excessive Netflix and dog videos for us. For Dayglow, aka Sloan Struble, is another opportunity to save the world from aliens and in a way, conquer it. Directed by his mom, “Run The World!!!” is just the evidence you need to admire his fighting skills and shiny outfit. Enjoy:

On his new video, he shared: “Quarantine sucks; I want to run the whole freaking world. To broadcast my global message, I assembled a dream team— my mom, a childhood neighbor and lifelong friend, and a ramp I got from Walmart when I was 11 that still sits in our driveway to this day. With the help of a plethora of royalty free green-screen effects and a powerful political proposition, magic was made. I am so bored.”

Dayglow has launched his weekly How I Made… video series on his YT and IGTV where he discusses the story behind each of his songs on his latest record Fuzzybrain. So if you’ve overdosed every TV show and film, make sure to hit him up.