Syd Silvair’s ‘Reverie’ Is An EP Built On Tarot & Daydreams

A divine collection of art pop

Photo: Mark Loercher

NYC-based artist Syd Silvair has shared her new EP Reverie, a record where she explores our own sense of self and escapism through tarot concepts. The opener “The Moth” channels the hope found in The Magician card that remind us of the power of using our own flaws as our best weapons. “Obsidian,” which represents The Moon card, is a moody blend of disco and folk elements where Syd wrestles with the heart and mind. In “Maraschino,” Syd dives into the feeling of doom that is presented in The Tower card whereas in “Heroine,” she explores the spiritual presence found in The Temperance card. Even if you’re not into tarot, this record breaks down some of our deepest emotions and dilemmas:

On her new EP the gal shared:

“There’s an altered state of mind I go to when I pull tarot cards, or listen to lush 70’s disco, or watch something surreal by David Lynch–I let myself live in that dreamy headspace while creating these songs. All the different vehicles that drive my escapism really shaped the lyrical and sonic story of Reverie. This EP was my way of reclaiming the value of a reverie. Daydreaming tends to have some shame attached to it, as if it’s not a productive use of time. I think now more than ever, it’s not only a valid pastime, but a really beautiful way of getting back in touch with our deepest selves.”

Syd’s previous works have been featured on TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, Bold Type, Honest Beauty, and more. Aside from music, Syd is also a tarot reader by day.