Tolliver’s “Petty” Is The Sexiest Midfinger To Your Ex Roommates

To all the shitty cohabitants you’ve lived with before

Photo: Lisa Johnson

It didn’t have turn this ugly, but it did when Tolliver received a text from his ex-roommates announcing that they would no longer wanna share the same space, air, and toilette with him. And from this simple text, “Petty” was conceived – a healthy and risqué blend of soul, funk, R&B, pop, and hip-hop that tackles everything from copulation to betrayal. It’s Tolliver’s own way of saying fuckyou to the cruel creatures who kicked him out of the house – which is kinda good for us coz we got this sticky hook to savor:

On the story behind his single, Tolliver shared:

“‘Petty’ is my bitter ass response to my ex-roommates suddenly asking me to move out. I read the text from one of them asking me to leave while I was in the studio, we wrote the song within like two hours, finished it in another two hours. It was wild. I’m kind of a big presence in any apartment, and I edit porn with my door open, and I play music loud, so it’s MAYBE partially my fault. Who can say? The lyrics are me puffing my chest. I’ve never beat anyone’s ass in my life, but it’s fun to fantasize.”

The track is from Tolliver’s upcoming EP Thin Black Dude, which he’ll be sharing more news soon. Also, if you’re about to kick anyone out of the house, don’t be a textbitch. At least have the decency to do it over Facetime or Whatsapp video (yep, that app has a video call feature) for fuck’s sake.