Anthony Kalabretta Delivers Burning Nostalgia In “This Fire”


Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto-based artist Anthony Kalabretta sends us burning waves of nostalgia with his latest single “This Fire,” a synth-coated piece that pulls us into the deep roots of house music. Characterized by smooth choruses and sparkling thumps, “This Fire” opens space for reminiscing the good old days:

On his single, Anthony shared: “Sometimes I’ll find inspiration in the way a sound makes me feel. The way it brings me back to a specific moment in time. I love experimenting with older analog synthesizers because they have a magical way of drawing that nostalgic feeling. ‘This Fire’ is the result of that, mixed with a wave of memories that flood in when you find the right combination between oscillation and notation. I’ve always been inspired by unique encounters and this track reflects the feeling that ignites when you stumble across that unexplainable connection.”

“This Fire” is out now via Physical Presents.