Peter Katz’ “Like We Used To Be” Is For Your Last Breakup Dance


Photo: Justin Broadbent

There’s something uplifting yet moody about Peter Katz’ latest single “Like We Used To Be,” a breakup song that bids farewell to his ex while also acknowledging that there are some emotional baggage left there. It’s hip-shaking piece, but also one that makes you tear up a bit as you try to juggle between the pain and self-growth that comes with it. Stream below:

On his new single, Peter shared: “My new song, ‘Like We Used To Be,’ is about hitting that definitive end moment in a relationship. Somehow that person still holds this ability to make your heart pound and your palms sweat, but you reach a point where you’re able to feel the nostalgia of it all, without feeling like you need to go back. You can see a way to finally begin to move on.”