Advertisement Taps Into Our Top Love/Hate Relationship In “Pretty Money”

Krautrock meets pop

L-R: Carl Marck, Charlie Hoffman, Jesse Rosenthal, TJ Main, Ryan Mangione-Smith
Photo: Grayson Whitmire

For some, money is a sacred relic to worship while for others it is what gives them shelter and Netflix. Whatever your relationship is, money has this weird love/hate control over your life and Advertisement dissects this weird relationship in their new single “Pretty Money.” Built on swirling riffs that radiate the smudged hues of krautrock and pop, the track breezes into our system in a comically melancholic way:

“Lyrically, it’s tongue in cheek, anxious, Marxist-cosplay pastiche,” they explained. “For some, money is the sweet, vague cherry on top of life, for others it’s a voucher for rent and eggs and dry pasta and nothing else. The song is meant less as a self-righteous sermon on capitalism’s cruelty, and more as a setting of the scene for something prettier.”

“Pretty Money” is from the band’s upcoming debut record American Advertisement, which will be arriving on July 10th. Advertisement are comprised of childhood friends who grew up together in the Seattle area. They quickly made waves across the underground rock scene for their magnetic performance and are currently plotting world domination…through music. Stay tuned.