Honey Lung’s “Big” Is For Productive Overthinking Moments In Isolation


Photo: PR courtesy

London-based quartet Honey Lung pays tribute to those rare moments in isolation when eureka hits us in new single “Big,” a shoegaze anthem filled with rock edginess and grunge tints that feel warmly moody. Lyrically, “Big” taps into our never-ending saga to reevaluate our choices and relationships, which we tend to overthink in times of loneliness. Stream below:

“’Big’ was a song I wrote last year when I was up at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was meant as an ode to the time I had there, which felt very isolated and gave me a lot of time to think about my choices and relationships I was facing back then. It’s quite a personal song as it was a confusing time and things weren’t straightforward. I’m usually quite unproductive when I’m going through a tough patch, and find it’s only in retrospect I can write a song about it. I think ‘Big’ is the most important song to me on the EP, it still affects me and is a comfort to me today.”

The track is from the quartet’s upcoming EP Post Modern Motorcade Music, which will be out on May 29th.