Keep Calm & Walk Safely With Dirty Nice’s “My Dead End Self”

Simple joys of life

Image: Charlie Pelling & Henri Holz

Dirty Nice reminds us of the simple, underrated joys of life in new single “My Dead End Self,” a glitchy alternative pop single that buoys our minds into blissful euphoria. But it’s not a starry-eyed piece that embraces an overidealized world – it’s a realistic, down-to-earth piece where Dirty Nice wants us to find a newfound appreciation towards the little things. The video, directed by vocalist Charlie Pelling, is a slow zoon that reminds us how we are part of a large universe:

On the single, Charlie explained: “Not long ago, before these quarantine times, I was walking down the high street quite listlessly. I was gently overcome by a feeling of relief and simple joy. Something in the stimuli, a cocktail of unexpected sunshine, city bustle and a dash of day dreaming had lifted a hidden weight. Then I wrote this song. The point is, I think, that walks are very nice, aren’t they? So pop this song on and go for a walk…responsibly, of course.”

The other half of Dirty Nice is Mark Thompson who, together with Charlie, has been making waves across the media with eccentric twists in the pop sphere. Be on the lookout for more beats from the duo this year.