Zøya Breaks Down The Barriers Of Uncertainty In Her EP ‘Journey’

The post-heartbreak life

Photo: PR courtesy

While it’s physically impossible to embark on a journey right now, Zøya takes us into an emotional trip to the post-heartbreak world filled with self-growth, hope, and lessons in her new EP Journey. Produced by Jon Joseph, the EP is Zøya’s own map that shows her own path in overcoming the heavy-hearted stage of her life and rediscovering herself along the way. Stream below:

“The entire EP is a reminder to myself that I am much stronger than I know and I can get through the hard times even when life seems to be full of uncertainty. I am choosing to be fully present and alive as well as appreciating what I have at the moment even when things aren’t going my way,” shared the gal.

Stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy whatever emotional or existential journey you’re on right now.