Flyte Takes Us Into An Emotional Exorcism In “Easy Tiger”

Pour out your heartbreak

Photo: Sequoia Ziff

UK trio Flyte has released their new single and video “Easy Tiger” today, an anthem that helps you ease into the hard times ahead. The video, directed by BAFTA-winning British Director Mark Jenkin, is an abstract depiction of smudged memories and emotional haziness that comes with getting over someone. Cheers to surviving your inner and external demons:

On the video, the Director Jenkin shared: “The challenge was to make something that felt amorphous – to create something that has a tactile feel to it, is a single artefact, something that feels like a found film and something that is timeless, abstract and unidentifiable in some ways. For me, what’s exciting is those limitations – this is where my strength is, the great unknown.”

Flyte’s Will noted: “When I wrote ‘Easy Tiger’ I was exorcising shame, heartbreak, jealously; almost impossible emotions to process, I almost regretted writing it. There’s a darkness and an emotional brashness to Mark’s work that suited the song perfectly. It would have been hard to trust anyone else with it.”

Comprised of Taylor (vox, guitar), Jon Supran (drums, vox) and Nicolas Hill (bass, vox), Flyte has been making waves with their critically acclaimed breakthrough LP The Loved Ones in 2018. “Easy Tiger” is the follow up of their fall’s White Roses EP and a sneak peek into. What the band has in store for us this year.