Human Love Captures Transitions In “Goldmine”

From their upcoming debut EP ‘Black Void’

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Human Love conjures the feeling of renewal when it comes to change in new single “Goldmine.” Lyrically, the track explores transitions from the perspective of embracing uncertainty while leaving certain things behind. It’s a psychedelic, lush groove where the band orchestrates their hypotonic chemistry as they invite us into a surreal flow state:

On the single, the band shared:

“‘Goldmine’ is the song that inspired us to start Human Love. When the four of us are together, one of our favorite things to do is jam on one riff endlessly. To us this song conjures up a feeling of transition. When we first started writing it we were still in our previous band together, and by the time we finished it we had decided to start something new. It has a feeling of leaving something behind. Deciding to move away from what’s comfortable and familiar, and embrace the unknown.”

The track is from the quartet’s upcoming debut EP Black Void, which will be out July 10th.