Tafari Help Us Find Contentment In “Living In A Dream”


Photo: Elliot J. Tilleczek

It’s hard to stay positive within the confinements of your walls, but there are small things you can do and remember to stay grateful and content to some extent. Toronto-based artist Tafari delivers a lush, sleek melody titled “Living In A Dream” where he reminds us to be content with our current situation and break our ‘grass is greener on the other side’ mentality. Tafari’s approach is not quixotic, but realistic in terms of learning to accept things as they are and keep on grooving despite the obstacles:

On his new single, he shared: “We are constantly trying to strive for more, and I know personally I feel a great deal of failure or shame if I don’t live up to expectations. Far too often in my career I’ve had many people try to tell me who I should be and try to mold me into something that they’ve already seen. The promise of a greater future if you do this and that, had me do many things I would’ve never done in order to chase someone else’s vision. But I had to slow down and stop worrying about what I don’t have, and who I don’t know and be happy to live my own personal journey.”

Stay safe ya’ll.