Azekel’s “Thrills” Ft. Oyinda Is A Slick, Visceral R&B

Thrills down to the bone

Photo: Alexandra Waespi

Progressive R&B artist Azekel teams up with experimental poptress Oyinda in their latest single “Thrills,” a slow-burning track that exudes sensual smokiness. It’s dark, yet radiates a slickness characterized by the shimmering chemistry between two vocal powerhouses that offer both the male and female perspective. Stream below:

On working with Oyinda, Azekel shared, “she’s a friend I’ve known for a while now, she was really into the song when we were playing each other new music that we were working on. I asked her to try something out on the track.”

In addition to “Thrills,” Oyinda is getting ready to launch a virtual exhibition titled ‘ALL1’ that explores sound, light, scent, and texture digitally (it was originally intended to be a physical exhibition, but due to Covid-19, it has been moved to the digital space). The exhibition will be launching on May 25th.