CHAII Takes Us Back To Childhood In New Video “Trouble”

Badass childhood

Photo: Evan Xiao

New Zealand/Persian rapper CHAII gives us a glimpse inside her childhood in Iran in her new video “Trouble.” Lyrically, the song sends an empowering message of strength and enjoying the moment while the video delivers lighthearted visuals that reminds us of the simple joys we had as kids:

“I wanted to capture my life as a kid who grew up in Iran,” added CHAII regarding her new video. “She does all the awesome activities I did as a kid in Iran: playing soccer in the streets, bike riding, walking by myself, listening to music on my cassette player, climbing trees, swimming in the river… Filming it was very surreal, like going back in a time capsule and revisiting my childhood. I wanted to simply show a glimpse of my childhood, who I was and who I grew to be. You just never know where you’ll end up in the world and what you’d be doing.”

“Trouble” is the third in a trilogy of visuals that the gal filmed in Oman (previous two are “Digebasse Ft. B Wise” and “South”).