chillhum Hopscotches Between Two Mental States In “I’m Slippin”

Indietronic hip-hop

Photo: Pako Macias

Hailing from LA, chillhum brings hip-hop elements into the indietronic sphere in new single “I’m Slippin,” where he takes us into that hazy moment of transitioning from one mental state to another. The track has an eccentric futuristic bounciness that is peppered with unexpected rhythmic twists. Stream below:

On the track, chillhum shared:

“I felt as if the song was building towards an eerie and almost disorienting climax, and that’s what I tried to achieve with my sound design, all of which I did entirely from scratch. The way the almost acoustic verse and pre-chorus build and lead into the droning lead synth and distorted bass reminded me of the feeling of transitioning between two different states of mind. This idea is where the lyrical concept of ‘I’m Slippin’ was really solidified, and I tried to draw on my own personal experiences to give the listener vivid descriptive phrases that made them feel almost as if they themselves are making such a transition just from listening to the song.”