Liza Anne Shows Off Her Aerobic Skills In “Bad Vacation”

Flexibility on point

Still from Liza Anne – Bad Vacation (Official Music Video)

Liza Anne showcases her choreographic prowess in her new Sophia Lauer-directed video “Bad Vacation.” Lyrically, the song explores the freedom that comes from leaving a toxic situation. “Writing this song was a mental playground for me – turning pain into satire and imaging a hope-filled world with no ceilings – I wanted to bottle up that electricity that happens when you’re free of something taxing.” Enjoy:

“Originally, we were going to have a huge dance number with lots of my friends – piled into some cool location in monochrome sweatsuits, moving in tandem,” shared Liza on the video. “The pandemic happened and we had to shelf our initial mood board. I still had the choreography from Eva Daire and we decided to just have me do it on my own which proved to be extremely true with the times – I mean, what feels more like a Bad Vacation than the intense solitude we’re all feeling now. I was really inspired by the Jane Fonda workout videos that were sort of going around at the beginning of quarantine and the combination of Sophia’s amazing brain and Eva’s choreography and my own take on all of that made something I’m really proud of.”

Be on the lookout for more catchy tunes from Liza this year.