All Things Blue Bids Farewell To Sticky Halfassing Partners In “Chad”

Psychedelic pop powered by midfinger

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based band All Things Blue brings their own offbeat twist into the psychedelic pop soundscape with their latest single “Chad,” a sweet farewell to a shitty and sticky relationship. “Chad” pretty much stands for that person who has one foot in and foot out, where they are halfassing everything related with commitment but won’t let you go. Through its spinning riffs and chromatic percussions, “Chad” delivers a bye-felicia moment to all those D- partners who are better off living in a remote island for the sake of humanity:

On the influence behind the track, singer India shared: “See-saws are fun until you’re riding an emotional see-saw; when you want someone that doesn’t want you, but makes sure to keep you around. Sometimes you only realise in retrospect; that person was just a Chad. Also during the whole vocal take I was holding Jon’s week old baby boy which is why I laugh at the end cause he fell asleep.”

“Chad” is from the band’s upcoming debut album, which you’ll be hearing more about soon.