Hourglvss Shares Me-Celebratory Anthem “Supreme Beings”

Disco on fire

Photo: Artist courtesy

UK duo Hourglvss takes us on a spinning ride of kaleidoscopic synths and colossal amount of self-love in new single “Supreme Beings.” It’s an unapologetic, groovy treat where the duo skyrockets you to dreamy heights of shimmering disco ball and psychedelic flavors where they celebrate one’s individuality. Enjoy this melodic self-makeout session:

On their single, they shared: “We were both brought up listening to Disco but it’s only when you grow older you appreciate the culture that surrounded the music. The drama, the fashion and the theatrics. The early stages of Disco was music for outsiders and the dispossessed- Supreme Beings is about embracing individuality. In a world of shaming and comparing we wanted to make a song to stand as a reminder that as dark as the new world may seem at times we are in this together and we should encourage, celebrate and most importantly be kind to one another, ‘Supreme Beings’ is our gift to anyone that has ever felt like they don’t belong.”

Stay tuned for more drops from the duo this year.