Lydmor Shares Oscar Wilde-Inspired Heartbreak Single “Someone We Used To Love”

Dark dance with heartbreak

Photo: Ditte Chemnitz

Lydmor returns with a slow-burning, dark single titled “Someone We Used To Love,” a smoke-filled soundscape that radiates the visceral pain of becoming strangers with a lover. Melodically, it leans more towards a minimalistic trajectory where Lydmor’s vocals cut through the emotional turmoil. “Someone We Used To Love” was inspired by Wilde’s classical work The Picture of Dorian Grey, specifically by the quote “There is always something ridiculous about the emotions of people whom one has ceased to love.” Hit play:

In her own words, the gal shared:

“I think it’s a very appropriate, arrogant and fantastic thing to shed light on – that thing that happens to us when we have loved someone whom we have now stopped loving. When that person still shows feelings and you find yourself just thinking, “pull yourself together, honestly”. Or if that person shows feelings for someone else and you become like “how can you love someone after loving me? I should be stuck in your heart forever.” This whole thing about people we once loved, where we, almost no matter what is going on emotionally inside, react with disgust. In “Someone We Used To Love” I have taken a scenario where I imagine myself sitting with someone I’m still in love with and you can see this person reacting with this kind of cold disgust, and I’m just sitting there about to break and burst into tears. And you just know that you are completely pathetic.”

Lydmor has been working in various projects this year, including creating the soundscape for the latest Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, which is scheduled to run at Oslo NY Teater this fall.