SONI Shares Self-Empowering Anthem “Happy To Serve”

R&B x Pop

Photo: PR courtesy

UK born, Cali-based artist SONI finds self-empowerment by addressing her anxiety in new single “Happy To Serve,” a soulful piece that showcases the classic elements of R&B and progressive grooviness of contemporary pop. The track is based on SONI’s own experience as being the shopkeeper’s daughter and radiates a youthful angst. “Yeah I’m that girl from around the way, the one pops tried to hide.. Cuz he didn’t want me to get into trouble,” she shared. But from this anxiety, SONI delivers a message of self-love and belief. “You’ve gotta get up, get on, get on, get on with your life.” Soaring over the bouncy soundscape, SONI’s vocals nail the deep-cutting emotions of finding one’s own self-belief despite the uncertainty and uneasiness we experience growing up. “Find what you need, what you believe” she chants. Stream below:

“Happy To Serve” is from SONI’s upcoming EP, which will be out on July 24th via Buttercuts Records. SONI, who is originally from the UK, is a multicultural artist who now lives in Orange County. She grew up listening to disco and classic hip-hop, while also sang in the gospel choir. She had previously received the Prince’s Trust Award and worked with London Arts and City Showcase. SONI’s musical career took a turn when she moved to the US to take care of her father, who unfortunately passed away. But despite her obstacles, she kept on songsmithing and is now getting ready to unveil her latest EP. Stay tuned for more news from the gal this year.