Kid Bloom Breaks Away From Self-Victimization In “Wounded/Surrounded”

“I get so lost in my devotion”

Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

LA-based artist Kid Bloom walks us out of the self-victimization funk that we often fall for in his new single “Wounded/Surrounded.” Through buoyant synths and subtle bass, the track floats over a distorted euphony that mercilessly captures our guilty pleasure of victim mentality. It’s both ethereal and biting anthem where Kid Bloom opens up about his own realizations:

“I designed some drums and made this vibe on my computer,” he recalled. “It became a very alive and moving piece of music. Out of that, I hopped on a shitty little mic and sang the whole song. It’s about how it’s never good to victimize yourself. There are times where you feel like all you can do is pull away and shut everything out. You’re having an internal conversation and separating yourself from judgment.”