Remo Drive’s “Ode To Joy 2” Nails Our Love & Hate Towards Excess

Painful pleasures

Photo: Connor Peck

Remo Drive taps into the weird relationship we have with excess – specifically drugs and alcohol – in their new single “Ode To Joy 2.” The video features vocalist Erik Paulson having an existential side window moment as he lets the nocturnal breeze wash his face with both pleasure and despair. Parallel to the visuals, the lyrics bites into the emotional turmoil of indulging in excess that gives you a momentary paradise but often ends with a shitty self-hating aftertaste:

Speaking of the single, Erik shared: “the lyrics were inspired by the excess I perceived around me as I transitioned from being a college student into touring full time. Most people who’ve done either can confirm that many social interactions are built around having a drink or smoking weed. Once the honeymoon period of exploration was over for me, I became frustrated with the omnipresence of drugs and alcohol and wanted to write about it… ‘Oh what fun it is laughing at nothing, by this age we all have it down..’ When I wrote the final version of the lyrics, I tried to connect with how I think when I’m drunk. I always feel as though I’m loving and hating every second of it. This song captures that same ambivalence.”

“Ode To Joy 2” is from the band’s upcoming album A Portrait of an Ugly Man, which will be out on June 26thvia Epitaph Records. Remo Drive is set to live stream tomorrow at 8pm EST, so don’t miss them.