Aidan Knight Traces Back Youthful Innocence & Nostalgia In “Sixteen Stares”

Inspired by LA, the paradisiacal hell on earth

Photo: Oliver Brooks

Aidan Knight reminds us of a time when our youthful naivete and optimism got the best of ourselves (even in the worst places) in his new single “Sixteen Stares.” It’s a ruminative nostalgic piece where the strumming chords swell with an air of wonder. But beneath the dreamy ambience, there is a pinch of moodiness to it that hint at the illusory nature of such feeling. Enjoy:

On the story behind the track, Aidan shared:

“In the Fall of 2008, I was temporarily living in Burbank and recording behind the Figure 8 wall mural from that Elliott Smith record cover. The studio is gone now, as is half of the mural, but we were there from each morning at 10 am until we stumbled out, home to sleep.

I got up every day ready, trying to make an impression on the engineer and producer. Each time they hit record, I wanted to give a great take. I felt so confident this was my ticket to a career in music. I was 22 in 2008 and must have had some kind of wonderfully naive sense of how my life would go.

Two things I saw in LA that stick with me: one was the church of Scientology and the other was Mel’s – the diner from George Lucas’ American Graffiti. The studio musician career never stuck, but if you walk two blocks down from Mel’s, you can see where the song came from.”

“Sixteen Stares” is from Aidan’s upcoming self-titled record, which will be out on August 28th.