Anjulie’s “FUYL” Is For Everyone Who Is 100% About To Mess Up


Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based artist Anjulie taps into our inevitable anxiety in new single “FUYL,” where she captures that exact state between bliss and doom when we’re in a perfect relationship but somehow have this eerie gut feeling that we’ll ruin it. Through mesmeric simplicity, Anjuli takes us dancing with that feeling of carrying a tickling bomb, which will explode because you’ll cut the red cord (even though you knew it was the blue one):

In her own words, “The new single, ‘FUYL,’ is about the anxiety I get when everything is going great in a relationship and I’m super into the person but I’m 100% sure I’m about to ruin it.”

The single is from the gal’s upcoming sophomore album Loveless Metropolis, which is in the works.