BINNY Goes Down The Destructive Abyss Of Lust In “Retrograde”


Photo: PR courtesy

BINNY, the solo project of Maryland musician Brian Lim, takes us into the dark rabbit hole of toxic relationships in “Retrograde” where our judgement gets clouded by lust. Layered with shimmering, starry-eyed synths and risqué croons, “Retrograde” depicts both the guilt and thrill of voluntarily choosing your own emotional self-destruction. Cheers to all the romantic bad decisions you’ve ever made:

“I’ve definitely experienced being infatuated with someone that may not be the best influence on me, but I’d risk it all to put them first. It’s inspired by the unexplainable reasons one may continue a relationship that’s toxic,” shared BINNY.

At the age of six, BINNY learned to play the piano and eventually taught himself to play the guitar, which naturally transitioned onto songwriting. Keep an eye out for more tracks from him this year.