lodet’s “Calling” Is An Ode To Future Bonds

Psychedelic pop

Photo: Andrea Hed

Swedish artist lodet (aka Joakim Bjornberg) takes us into the funky waters of shimmering chords, gauzy vocals, and optimism in his new single “Calling” where he describes his future child. Filled with equal parts uncertainty and excitement, “Calling” swells with an indulgent feeling of wistfulness we get when we build our future in our minds. Enjoy:

On his new single, lodet shared: “’Calling’ originated from a long studio jam in 2018 in Stockholm. The song is like a whistling call for someone. I had been working on it for years but with this latest recording it has taken on a new meaning. It is about my unborn child, and not knowing much of what the future holds. In the verse I sing about Luka, which was the only name my girlfriend and I could agree on. It was important to me to include that name in the text so that I would always remember that early feeling.”

The track is from lodet’s upcoming EP Many Days.