Marie Dahlstrom Navigates Through Desire In “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up” Ft. James Vickery

Soulful pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Danish artist Marie Dahlstrom teams up with London soul singer James Vickery in new single “I Don’t Wanna Wake Up” where the duo navigates us through dreamy desires. Built on a. smoothly unfolding groove, the track blooms with both lust and romance as the pair capture the addictive bliss that we don’t want to wake up from:

On her collab with James, Marie shared: “I’ve been a fan of James’ voice for a while. James and I had a session at mine, and this song just came about so naturally, we just started humming melodies over the chord progression and not long into the session we had the line ‘I don’t wanna wake up’. I produced this song myself and I remember leaving the production for a while before actually committing to finishing it and that’s when I got my friend Liam Joseph to jump on some bass and Qmillion to get involved for the mixing.”

James added: “I wrote this song on the first day of working with and meeting Marie, I’ve been a fan of her vocal for a minute now and we wanted a write a song that allowed us to showcase vocal runs and freedom. It’s rare I get to experiment so much with another artist on that level so it is truly a blessing, the song is about not wanting to wake up at all if you’re not gonna be there to experience it with me, infatuation at it’s finest.”

“I Don’t Wanna Wake Up” is from Marie’s upcoming debut album Like Sand, which will be out on May 22nd via JFH Records.