Cubicolor Share Video “Rituals” Featuring Actor Robert Sheehan

Rituals are healthy

Still from Cubicolor – Rituals (Official Music Video) 4K

As we all try to stay sane, Cubicolor reminds us of the value of small rituals in their latest video “Rituals” featuring Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy actor Robert Sheehan. Directed by Callum Bain, “Rituals” captures the therapeutic effects that small movements and repetitions can have in our daily existence. In a hauntingly dark background, Sheehan’s movements capture the inexplicable sacred comfort we find in our practice:

On the video, Director Bain shared: “We all have rituals, from habitual daily activities, to practices in meditation, worship, dance. Movements based on fortune and luck, or just superstition. Do they hinder or help our daily needs? Does it matter? Is the act of doing them reward enough? This video explores ritualistic movements, both extreme and delicate. It visualizes the micro-movements and slight variations found in repeated rituals, it observes the forward and backward motion of time. At its heart is Robert Sheehan’s performance, primal, instinctive, totally captivating and depicting a state of pure consciousness. Is he anguished by carrying out these rituals or are the rituals providing an element of comfort or nourishment to an anguished soul? Must we break the cycle of bad habits that have become ritualistic…”

“Rituals” is from the trio’s latest record Hardly A Day, Hardly A Night, which is out now. Check it out: