Dominic Sen Slips Us Into Post-Apocalyptic World In “Steal Me Away”

Sci-fi pop

Photo: Georgia Coleman

NYC artist Dominic Sen beckons us into her own sci-fi world of post-apocalyptic New York City in her new single “Steal Me Away.” Coated with breakneck synths, “Steal Me Away” sends you ominous highs as Dominic Sen navigates through her own creative dilemma as an artist. Whether you’re dancing or surviving, this is the song to donate your eardrums to:

The track is Dominic Sen’s own reflection in struggling to be an artist “in a world where I sometimes feel that my intelligence and compassion could be put to better use.”  The character in the track “must make the decision between helping the few others that she encounters who are sick and injured and doing what she needs to do to survive herself.”

“Steal Me Away” is the follow up of the gal’s latest record Visitor, which was released back in October 2019.