Favours’ “Lux Luv” Is What We’ll Be Jamming At 2am With Wine…And Tears


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Toronto-based duo Favours gifts us with the perfect banger to listen to while sipping wine and our own tears – a bittersalty combo – titled “Lux Luv.” It’s a hazy, dream pop piece where the gauzy choruses paired with the chest-swelling synths evoke the feeling of yearning for a love that is out of our reach. There is a nocturnal romantic air to the track that captures both the cold heartbreaking ambience and shimmering sense of hope. Enjoy:

Favours is comprised of Alex and Jacqueline who take influences from new wave, post punk, A La OMD, and John Maus. “Lux Luv” is from their upcoming debut EP Made To Wait, which they’ll be sharing more details. Stay tuned.