Tim Ayre Gives Us Beach Fever In “I Want It”

Coastal pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Sydney-based artist Tim Ayre gives us a serious case of beach fever with his latest breezy single “I Want It,” a lush alternative groove that shines with 90s spark. It’s a track that reminisces the past summers when we would just chill at the beach for hours, letting the sunshine fry our neurons into a crispy happy state:

Speaking of the influence behind the single, “I’d just moved up to Sydney from Melbourne and was hanging out with my mate Jack a heap writing songs. It was the middle of summer so I was just going to the beach every day between writing because I never really got the chance to do that in Melbourne. So I think the song carries that vibe I had at the time, crazy to think how different things are right now to then – makes me really appreciate how good the summer was here.”

“I Want It” is the follow up of Tim’s latest self-titled debut EP, which was released back in November 2019 and already amassed more than 1.24 million streams. Currently working on new music, make sure to keep your ears out for more beats from Tim this year.