0171 Finds Nihilistic Cure For Anxiety In “Automatic”

Experimental electropop

Photo: William Spooner

London duo 0171 eases us out of anxiety by exploring nihilism in their new single “Automatic,” an experimental electropop piece where our thoughts get lost in the abstract pool of dilemmas, inner conflicts, and existence. “Automatic” suspends us into an ambivalent state where we are caught in the juxtaposition of uncertainty and confidence. The video, directed by Jake Alden-Falconer, transports us into a surreal and haunting world where we see the duo isolated with their own inner demons:

“Our music can make us feel so powerful, and at other times lost and anxious – so the songs reflect that – a disorientating mix of confidence and sadness” Joe and Georgie explained. “In ‘Automatic’ we are moving endlessly onwards, away from our own anxieties – fragile mother of pearl kids in the whirlwind. We choose a defiant nihilism over anxiety, no matter the cost. And when everything clears around us, we have just each other left.”

“Automatic” is from the duo’s upcoming second EP, which will be out this fall.