Amo Amo Taps Into Our Craving For Human Interaction In “Missed Connection”

Non-digital, incarnate connection

Photo: Dominoe Farris

LA-based psych pop duo Amo Amo addresses our desire for genuine, in-person connection in their new single “Missed Connection.” Coated with sparkling synths and chest-swelling choruses, the track soars with both longing and hope as it shuffles through the ways our interactions with one another have narrowed down to a virtual one. Stream below:

In their own words, “‘Missed Connection’ explores themes of isolation and the absence of human connection within our technology-obsessed culture – a message which feels especially resonant in the current climate of pandemic and social distancing. The song expresses a deeply felt yearning for reconnection, not only with one another but with all forms of life and with Earth itself.”

The track is from the duo’s upcoming EP Canta, which will be out on June 19th via Poolside’s Pacific Standar Records.