Bluedaze Teaches Us How To Pseudo-Surf In “Hodad”

Meet the psychedelic band from Italy

Photo: PR courtesy

Hailing from Italy, Bluedaze is a psychedelic pop band that was founded in 2017 near Varese and craft mind-transcending noise filled with kaleidoscopic frissons straight out of another dimension. Their latest single “Hodad” illustrates a rare breed of human subspecies who are pseudo-surfers. “‘Hodad’ is someone who frequents surfing beaches and pretends to be a surfer. He dresses up like surfers and acts like them, but he’s definitely not a surfer. We’re Hodad, for sure. Maybe we all are. We act in a way, we are in another. It’s a matter of insecurities. We dream about the ocean but we live by the lake. And it’s ok,” shared the band. Watch the Brace Beltempo-directed video below:

On their video, the band shared: “In this video we tried to give our daily life a touch of magic like we were surfers having fun at the beach. But there was no ocean and no sand. We were just us, in our old funny van, wandering around through lakes and woods…with a surfboard. and that was actually magic.”

“Hodad” is from the band’s upcoming album Skysurfers, which will be out in the fall.