James Vincent McMorrow Shares Video For “Headlights”

Unfiltered & raw

Photo: PR courtesy

James Vincent McMorrow has shared the video for his first new music in three years titled “Headlights” where he shares his creative vision in its raw state. It’s a laidback, propulsive melody that blooms as James goes on a never-ending journey in finding peace with whatever life throws at us. Enjoy:

“When it became impossible to create our original idea for the Headlights video, we embraced the chaos. No grand plans or aspirations, simply capture life in as natural and unforced a way as possible,” McMorrow shared. “We shot what we wanted when we wanted, and because Emma was on the other end of the camera, what we captured was a genuine representation of me coming back, for probably the first time. Unadorned and honest, not curated or edited to present any vision I think you might have of me. For people who might think me opaque, you know my music but you might not know me or what I am, this video is for you. Thank you to Tom Speers and his team at Smuggler for helping create this video. Thank you to Emma for shooting it. Thank you to my daughter Margot for making me interesting to watch on camera.”

“Headlights” is from James’ upcoming fifth album, which will be released via Sony Music U.K./RCA Records. Stay tuned for more details.