Petit Biscuit Teams Up With Shallou In “I Leave Again”

And it’s a flight

Artwork: PR courtesy

French artist Petit Biscuit joins forces with Shallou in new single “I Leave Again,” a celestial piece of indietronica where the duo capture the emotional release that comes at the end of a relationship. From nostalgia to freedom, it’s a track that leaves you with a weirdly moody yet optimistic aftertaste – hit play:

On their collab, Petit Biscuit explained: “We first met when Shallou supported me on my first American tour and what I saw on stage was absolutely crazy. Joe is a passionate guy and a nice human being and we became friends. I came to the US in April 2019 for a change of scenery to get some inspiration for my new music and I invited Joe to come to where I was staying to work on some music together. We spent hours listening to a lot of different stuff and tried lots of different things, but it wasn’t until a few months later that we had finally found the perfect tune to collaborate on. ‘I Leave Again’ is about the end of a relationship with all of its nostalgia, but we’ve tried to turn it into ‘the song to a new start,’ with all of the excitement that it can bring.”

Shallou added: “In some ways, this pandemic has made musicians from all over the world more likely to connect. I have traditionally made music on my own, then sharing the demos with artists over the internet to collaborate with. These past years I’ve made an effort to connect more in person in the studio. Now that it can’t happen, I feel like a lot of bedroom producers are reaching out again the old way. Petit and I connected on this one online and it was really fun to work on something that feels like a true combination of our sounds.”

“I Leave Again” is out now via Petit Biscuit’s own independent label Écurie.